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New Media

Shield Journalism, Not Journalists
Three Simple Solutions to Judith Miller's Messy Legal Problem
Reason Online - July 5, 2005

Baby Love
The Hippie-Capitalist Wisdom of CD Baby Founder Derek Sivers, Hero to 93,000 Indie Musicians and Counting
LA Weekly - June 10, 2005

Cashing in on Weblogs
Major Media Companies Are Investing in Blogs. Is This a New Boom or Just a Bubble?
Reason - July 2005

Who Gets to Play Journalist?
An Academic Question Becomes a Pressing Legal Issue
Reason - June 2005

Bad Host
Cutting off Iranian Dissidents
Reason - May 2005

Bamboozlers on the Loose
For Evidence of State Propaganda, Just Look Around You
Reason Online - January 11, 2005

That Old, Tired Balancing Act
Did the Election Kill Objective Campaign Journalism?
Reason - February 2005

Song for Dan Rather
No Critic Could Hate Diamond Dan More Than He Hated Himself...and the Rest of Us
Reason Online - November 29, 2004

Because-I-Said-So Journalism
A Reply to David Shaw - November 17, 2004

The Shifting Terms of Authority in the Newspaper Press
How Newspapers Can React to a World That Increasingly Ignores Them - November 9, 2004

Biased About Bias
The Hunt for Ideology Becomes an Ideology
Reason - December 2004

Confessions of a 'Booger'
The Agony and Ecstasy of Being a Democrat Convention Weblogger
National Post - August 7, 2004

Gossip Wants To Be Free
In Defense of Online Scandal-Mongering
Reason - May 2004

Culture Clash
What Happens When a Harvard Man With a Computer Is Given the Keys to Chavez Ravine?
Orange County Register - April 4, 2004

Hack Roast
When Citizens Attack ... Reporters
Reason - April 2004

The Joy of Watching Ideas Win
Reason - December 2003

The New Amateur Journalists Weigh in
Columbia Journalism Review - September/October 2003

Turning Baseball on its Ear
How an Amateur Army Outsmarted a Sport's Gatekeepers
National Post - June 21, 2003

The 'Big Brother' Who Never Was
AOL Time Warner Was Never as Dangerous as Some Critics Suggested
National Post - July 27, 2002

Censorship Gravy Train
Oh, To Be a Seven-Figure Victim of the New McCarthyism
Reason - January 25, 2002

Online Resources for the Iraqi-babies Question
Where to Begin Figuring out Whether Sanctions Have Killed Millions
Online Journalism Review - December 28, 2001

Media Criticism Gone Horribly Wrong
What the Condit-Inspired Navel-Gazing Says About American Journalism
Online Journalism Review - August 9, 2001

The Webbys' Tribute to San Francisco
Internet Awards Celebrate and Console the City That Started it all
Online Journalism Review - July 25, 2001

Suck: From Oasis to Mirage
How the Suspended Daily Set the Standard for Media Criticism
Online Journalism Review - June 21, 2001

The Web's Most Curious Man
15 Questions With Online Journalism Pioneer Tom Mangan
Online Journalism Review - May 3, 2001

New Jersey's Teen Matt Drudge
Sergio Bichao's Underground Web Newspaper has his High School Reeling
Online Journalism Review - March 12, 2001

Private Free Speech vs. High School Safety
Legal Squabbles Bloom Between Student Publishers and Nervous Schools
Online Journalism Review - March 12, 2001

CANN They?
How L.A. Governs -- and May Yet Overthrow -- the Internet
Zone News - February 1, 2001

Michael Kinsley: The Apologist
Talented Slate Editor Has Spent Past 4 Years Telling Awkward Jokes About Bill Gates, Defending Microsoft, and Making the World Safe for Selling Out
Online Journalism Review - January 22, 2001

Hunter Thompson, Online Columnist
How the Man Who Launched a Thousand Newspaper Careers
Ended up at
Online Journalism Review - December 21, 2000

Baseball's Cruel Political Satire
Bush/Gore World Series Debate: E-mail Hoax, or the Hilarious Truth?
Online Journalism Review - November 20, 2000

Ralphing on the National Press
Er, Why Was I the Only Reporter on the Spoiler's Campaign Trail Six Weeks Before the Election he's About to Wreck?
Online Journalism Review - November 3, 2000

The Morning After
What Did the Convention Mean for L.A.'s 'Digital Coast?' Beyond the Parties and Influence Peddling, Results Were Mixed at Best
Zone News - September 1, 2000

The Democrats' Appalling Chairman
Meet Joe Andrew, a Corrupt Dot-Com Weenie With a Mind of Cheese
NewsForChange - August 14, 2000

Inside the Cop Mind at
Will Anarchists Who Call Them 'Pigs' Get a Little 'Stick Time'?
NewsForChange - July 19, 2000

The Three Americas
How the Middle-Class Helps the Top 10% Ignore the Poor
NewsForChange - July 3, 2000

Start the Revolution Without Me
My DSL Nightmare, and Why the Broadband Boom Is a Bust
Zone News - July 1, 2000

Hire Education
How Career Colleges, Technical Institutes and Alternative
Adult Schools Are Cashing in on the Digital Revolution
Zone News - July 1, 2000

Tale of Two Barbecues
Why Bobos Will Vote Gore, While the Real
Working Class Looks Elsewhere
NewsForChange - June 27, 2000

The Reverse-bid Auction Newsroom
Or, Why B2B Companies Are Hiring Journalists While News Sites Collapse
PLUS: VerticalNet Takes Commerce/Content Cocktail to the Bank
Information Week - June 26, 2000

Mama's Got a Sluice Box
What Year Is It? California Golddiggers' Centuries of Scamming
NewsForChange - June 12, 2000

It's No Longer News When Rebels Sell Out
Meanwhile, the Biggest Conformists Keep Blathering 'Outside the Box'
NewsForChange - June 7, 2000

Lament for the Death of Inspiration
The People and Publications Once Worth Emulating Have Become
Petty and Bloated, and No One Has Taken Their Place
NewsForChange - May 28, 2000

My Time in the DEN of Iniquity
Report on 6 Weird Weeks Spent at the Infamously Mismanaged
Digital Entertainment Network
Online Journalism Review - May 25, 2000

And the Loser Is...
The 10 Webby Nominees Most Likely to Be Dead This Time Next Year - May 9, 2000

All the Young News
Webby Awards Teeter Between Establishment and Anarchy - May 5, 2000

Where Have You Gone, Bill Kovach?
Journalism's First Ethicist Says Nothing While Employer Sweeps Ethical Mess Under the Rug
Online Journalism Review - April 17, 2000

The Debauchery of Human Interaction
How Today's Media Moguls Use Journalists as Human Shields Against Common Decency (Click Here for Parts Two and Three)
Online Journalism Review - April 6, 2000

Pop or Kaboom?
What Will Happen to L.A. When the Markets Finally Crash?
Zone News - April 1, 2000

Brill's Conflictville Disclosure: Whoops!
'Media Watchdog' Lies, Spits out Own Medicine in First Issue After 'Contentville' Announcement
Online Journalism Review - March 9, 2000

Unconventional Planning
Democratic Convention Seeks Money and Gear, L.A. Tech Firms Crave Publicity and Political Pull, so Why Won't They Mate?
PLUS: Hard-wiring the Convention
Zone News - March 1, 2000

Why You Shouldn't Trust This Magazine
The Column Brill's Content Subscribers Would Have Read -- if the Editors Had Any Spine
Written for Brill's Content - February 22, 2000

Bye Bye, Brill
Media Cop Turns Media Whore
Online Journalism Review - February 10, 2000

Hollywood Goofy Over AOL-Time Warner
Merger Has Executives and Journalists Gossiping Like Schoolgirls
Wired News - February 4, 2000

Spin City for Troubled BMG Music
Boss Strauss Zelnick Downplays Botched Firing of Clive Davis,
The Threat of MP3, and the Mergers That Left Him Behind
Wired News - February 4, 2000

Deconstructing the Mergers
Industry Leaders to Convene in First Major Gathering
Since AOL Gobbled Time Warner and EMI
Wired News - February 2, 2000

Too Dumb to Snoop — So Far
Digital Downloading and Record Biz Consolidation
Still Pose Huge Threat Against Privacy
Wired News - February 2, 2000

AOL-Time Warner: Bully for L.A.
Merger Could Jump-Start Broadband, Force Entertainment
Industry to Get it Together
Zone News - February 1, 2000

When Mass Mediocrities Mate
So, AOL-Time Warner Is Bad for Good Journalism?
What Good Journalism?
Online Journalism Review - January 23, 2000

The Internet's Dr. Frankenstein
UCLA Professor Leonard Kleinrock Is Still Dreaming up Schemes,
30 Years After he Plugged in the ARPANet
Zone News - January 1, 2000

Making Crime News Pay
How AP-style Sobriety, When Applied to a Tabloid Topic,
Equals Internet Millions ... Even Without a Business Plan
PLUS: APB's Schanberg on Journalism's Ills
AND: Judge Blocks APB's Right to Publish
Online Journalism Review - December 14, 1999

Desperately Seeking Good E-Lancers
Online Editors Share E-mail Horror Stories, While Freelancers
Revel in Ever-Expanding Possibilities
PLUS: 4 Online Freelance Brokerage Services
Online Journalism Review - November 18, 1999

The Stealth Revolutionary
Why the Record Industry Should Be Terrified of
Marc Geiger and ARTISTDirect
Zone News - October 1, 1999

Live, From the Fishbowl!
Bay Area Journalists Gaze Deep into Navels and Discover Fuzz
Online Journalism Review - September 28, 1999

Thomas Dolby Says it's Payback Time
Major Labels Deserve Everything They're About to Get, Says
Wired News - September 9, 1999

AP Sucks Life out of Online News
Why Should Every News Site Look the Same, When They're Not?
Online Journalism Review - May 20, 1999

What if You Couldn't Trust the NY Times?
Paper of Record Batters Amazon Without Disclosing Professional Rivalry
Online Journalism Review - April 24, 1999

Kosovo Illustrates Journalism's Failings
This Is What You Get When You Abolish International Bureaus
PLUS: Honor Roll of Balkan Bureau Vets
Online Journalism Review - April 9, 1999

24 Alternative Sources of Kosovo News
Sites Broken Down by Reliability, Type and Political Slant
Online Journalism Review - March 30, 1999

Hack-work on Hackers: Two Case Studies
How Do You Maintain Your Nerd Cred and Professional Skepticism at the Same Time, and How Do You Handle Your Mistakes?
FEATURING: The 'Anti-Porn Hacker' Who Wasn't
PLUS: Techies Slam Paper's Report, Wrongly
AND: Plagiarism or 'Background Research'?
Online Journalism Review - March 25, 1999

The Daily Blunder Trying to Get People Excited About Online Corrections Policies
PLUS: Debunking Urban Legends from the SF Valley
AND: Round-up of Sites that Track Media Error
Online Journalism Review - March 4, 1999

What Do You Tell the Boss?
Full-time Reporters Who Publish Sites on the Side Share Tactics
Online Journalism Review - February 11, 1999

New Utopia to Rise From the Sea!
Prince Lazarus Building Tax-free Island of Polygamy and Eternal Youth
Tabloid - December 9, 1998

1998: The Year of Internet News
From Drudge to Salon to Mega-media Portal Deals, the
Wired Generation Became Mainstream
PLUS: Why People Who Love Newspapers Work on the Web
AND: Internet Stats Not Measuring up
Networker - November 1, 1998

Blues You Can Use
NewsBlues Lets TV Hacks Blow off Steam, Gather Intelligence
Online Journalism Review - October 22, 1998
LATER: NewsBlues Dies From Own Success (Nov. 13)
LATER STILL: NewsBlues Resurrected (Nov. 18)

Ex-Commies Too Distracted to Bother With Stifling Internet Speech
PLUS: Mitteleuropa's Best English-Language News Sites
Online Journalism Review - May 6, 1998

Salon Detected on Beltway Radar
Investigative Scoops on Scaife & Specatator Earn Respect, Scorn
Online Journalism Review - April 30, 1998

Ex-Print Muckrakers Thrive on Net
Driven Away by Bland Newspapers, Hell-raisers Make Their Mark
Online Journalism Review - March 31, 1998

Non-Political Dispatch From Havana
Self-censored Impressions of Communist Cuba, Sent by Illegal E-mail
Tabloid - February 24, 1998

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© 1986-2006; All rights reserved.


The Savage Lust for Business News
Reporters Now All Work for Fund Managers, Who Don't Bother to Read
Tabloid - August 14, 1998

Bus Tour of the New Economy
The Aesthetic Nightmare and Walking Dumb of the Silicon Valley
Tabloid - July 31, 1998

No Sheepskin, No Job, Loser!
Why Twain, Hearst, Mencken and I Couldn't Work for Today's Papers
Tabloid - July 13, 1998

Salon's Broder Attacked for Plagiarism
Conservatives Rehash Shameful Old Episode After Reporter Connects
Dots of 'Right-Wing Conspiracy'
Online Journalism Review - July 13, 1998

Conservative Critics Question Salon's Roots
Starr-struck Rightists Say Magazine's Investors Are Big-Time Demos
Online Journalism Review - July 10, 1998

Why Does Old Media Trash the New?
How the Typically Noxious Old Media Coverage of Bill Clinton's Sex Life Was Blamed on the Internet
Online Journalism Review - June 24, 1998

Who Owns Internet News?
The Impossibly Complicated Web of Tech/Biz Sites' Ownerships and Partnerships, Untangled
PLUS: 8 Convoluted Family Trees
AND: Why CNN Loves Natalie Merchant
Online Journalism Review - June 23, 1998

Net Censorship in Central Europe ... Not
Ex-Commies Too Distracted to Bother With Stifling Internet Speech
PLUS: Mitteleuropa's Best English-Language News Sites
Online Journalism Review - May 6, 1998

Salon Detected on Beltway Radar
Investigative Scoops on Scaife & Specatator Earn Respect, Scorn
Online Journalism Review - April 30, 1998

Ex-Print Muckrakers Thrive on Net
Driven Away by Bland Newspapers, Hell-raisers Make Their Mark
Online Journalism Review - March 31, 1998

Non-Political Dispatch From Havana
Self-censored Impressions of Communist Cuba, Sent by Illegal E-mail
Tabloid - February 24, 1998

Comments, questions, bad links? Send e-mail to Matt Welch.

© 1986-2006; All rights reserved.