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P> Free Sam Zell!
Why 'media activists' should be mocked for trying to block the buying and selling of newspapers and television stations
Los Angeles Times Online - November 16, 2007

Burn, Burn, Burn, Burn, Burn the Rich
Examining the sick mind-set that would prevent people from paying for supplemental fire protection
Los Angeles Times Online - October 31, 2007

Universe Ends!
Rich, famous hardest hit
Los Angeles Times Online - October 25, 2007

Being Honest About Mass Transit
Metro advocates need to come to grips with the fact that when given a choice, most people will drive
Los Angeles Times Online - October 3, 2007

No Lipstick for the Dodger Pig
The Dodgers have problems that go far beyond a talk-radio host straining at the leash
Los Angeles Times Online - September 25, 2007

'Fess up, Chancellor Drake
The climate for free speech will remain chilled, and the political atmosphere poisonous, for as long as we don't know why the UC Irvine leader unhired Erwin Chemerinsky in the first place
Los Angeles Times Online - September 18, 2007

Iraq Forever
The powerful logic of constant interventionism
Los Asgeles Times Online - September 11, 2007

Land of the Less-Free
New passport and child-support laws are making the country less free for law abiding citizens
Los Angeles Times Online - August 21, 2007

Dodging the Hardest Calls
John McCain's new Hard Call manages to avoid the most crucial decision -- whether to make war or not
Los Angeles Times - August 13, 2007

Death of a Neighborhood
The dark side of "good" eminent domain
Los Angeles Times Online - August 7, 2007

You're on Fire, L.A.!
Round One of this year's heavyweight bout between nature and man goes to the impressively professional two-legged creatures
Los Angeles Times Online - May 15, 2007

The Diplomat Who Cracked
An interview with former U.S. ambassador to Armenia John Evans, who lost his job after referring to the Armenian genocide as "genocide"
Los Angeles Times Online - April 24, 2007

The Politics of Saying 'Genocide'
More than 90 years after the Armenian genocide, the U.S. is deadlocked in a humiliating linguistic debate
Los Angeles Times - April 22, 2007

Gorbachev's Heir
Vladimir Putin's crackdown on dissidents is more Gorbachev-like than many people might guess
Los Angeles Times Online - April 17, 2007

The Furious Wisdom of Baseball Crowds
Instead of letting fans follow their own parking strategies, the Dodgers created constricted parking zones and egregious traffic
Los Angeles Times - April 11, 2007

Throw the Bums Out!
Enjoying the national pastime of watching politicians make fools of themselves over baseball
Los Angeles Times Online - April 3, 2007

Cathy Seipp, RIP
Farewell to the patron saint of L.A. freelancers
Los Angeles Times Online - March 21, 2007

Contract Killing
Why City Halls shouldn't enact social policy by the contracting process
Los Angeles Times Online - March 20, 2007

Ease up on the Insecure Boosterism, L.A.
Yes, our apocalyptic phase went way too far, but the pendulum has swung dangerously toward petty boosterism
Los Angeles Times - March 18, 2007

Chat With Matt!
Proving that no 1996-era online innovation will be left unadopted on Spring Street, the Opinion section boldly allows for a goofy little reader chat
Los Angeles Times Online - February 22, 2007

Illegal Gringos
An army of gray-hairs, some of them undocumented, are changing this central Mexican town
Los Angeles Times Online - February 20, 2007

Our Long National Nightmare -- Still Going Strong
The man who coined Ford's most hopeful phrase was among the first to learn that Cheney and Rumsfeld would use Watergate as an excuse to expand executive power
Los Angeles Times - January 7, 2007

Do We Need Another T.R.?
If John McCain gets his way, you'll have your faith in the country restored ... or else!
Los Angeles Times - November 26, 2006

Giving the Lie to Five Oscar Picks
Crash: About as L.A. as Woody Allen
Los Angeles Times - February 26, 2006

His Cup Runneth Over With Annoyance
Why I Caved Into the L.A. Times' Lousy Drug-Test Policy
Los Angeles Times - January 29, 2006

The Times Is Blind to Bulldozers Flattening Homes
How the Paper Doesn't Cover the LAUSD's Eminent Domain Binge
Los Angeles Times - Novemeber 27, 2005

Times' Dodger Coverage: It's Low, in the Dirt
How Bill Plaschke Ambushed Paul DePodesta Without Ever Understanding Him
Los Angeles Times - Novemeber 6, 2005

Democrats Need a Breath of Mountain-Fresh Air
Opposition Party Needs a Southwestern Strategy
Los Angeles Times - Novemeber 2, 2005

The Left's Eyeing Your Home
Why Aren't L.A. Democrats Joining the Anti-Kelo Backlash?
Los Angeles Times - August 14, 2005

The Rubes in L.A. City Hall Have Swallowed Hollywood's Hard-Luck Story
Why We Should End Hollywood Welfare Before We Know it
Los Angeles Times - April 28, 2005

Hipsters Send Times Into Tizzies
Outside the Tent: The L.A. Times' Hilarious Gentrification Laments
Los Angeles Times - April 3, 2005

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