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His Cup Runneth Over With Annoyance
Why I Caved Into the L.A. Times' Lousy Drug-Test Policy
Los Angeles Times - January 29, 2006

Echo Chamber in the Superdome
A Louisiana National Guardsman Explains How He Deallse Rumot With False Rumors Being Piped Into Ground Zero of Hurricane Katrina
Reason Online - October 4, 2005

Five Untrue Things You'll Hear About the Angels This Week
A Divisional Series Primer
The Hardball Times - October 4, 2005

World's Greatest Degenerative Body
Watching the Senate confirm Mr. Roberts
Reason Online - Sept. 19, 2005

The Deadly Bigotry of Low Expectations?
Did the Rumor Mill Help Kill Katrina Victims?
Reason Online - September 6, 2005

Why The New York Times Loves Eminent Domain
Elite Newspapers and Liberal Activists Embrace the Kelo Decision at Their Long-term Peril
Reason - October 2005

Aloha, 50th State
When Affirmative Reparations Clash With Minority Rights, Maybe it's Time to Cut the Federal Cord
Reason Online - August 22, 2005

The Left's Eyeing Your Home
Why Aren't L.A. Democrats Joining the Anti-Kelo Backlash?
Los Angeles Times - August 14, 2005

The Gingrich Legacy
Blunt Political Opportunism, Not Fancy Libertarian Ideas, Is Most of What's Left of the '94 Revolution
Reason Online - August 8, 2005

7 Questions for John Roberts
What I'd Like the Senate to Ask the Supreme Court Nominee
Reason Online - July 20, 2005

Shield Journalism, Not Journalists
Three Simple Solutions to Judith Miller's Messy Legal Problem
Reason Online - July 5, 2005

Sympathy for the Vampire
Priests May Crucify Nuns, People May Rip out the Hearts of the Dearly Departed... But Romania Is a Country on the Upswing That Deserves our Help
Reason Online - June 22, 2005

Lying: The Government's Drug
How Raich Helps us Delude Ourselves
Reason Online - June 8, 2005

Cashing in on Weblogs
Major Media Companies Are Investing in Blogs. Is This a New Boom or Just a Bubble?
Reason - July 2005

Welfare Queen
Farm Subsidies for the Filthy Rich
Reason - July 2005

Cuba Spring, or Trap?
Cautious Optimism About Castro's Opponents
Reason Online - May 25, 2005

Deadwood Democrats
If Conservatives Can Claim South Park, it's Time for Liberals to Embrace the Real Wild West
Salon - May 21, 2005

G.W. and the Bear
Bush Pushes Putin in Russia's Near Abroad
Reason Online - May 10, 2005

Watching Dave Hansen
Living Vicariously Through the Career of a Pinch-Hitter
Baseball Analysts - May 5, 2005

Who Gets to Play Journalist?
An Academic Question Becomes a Pressing Legal Issue
Reason - June 2005

The Rubes in L.A. City Hall Have Swallowed Hollywood's Hard-Luck Story
Why We Should End Hollywood Welfare Before We Know it
Los Angeles Times - April 28, 2005

The Pope of Relativism
Ratzinger and His Fans Should Know Better Than to Confuse Western Society With a "Di