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Features Posted June 23, 1998
Natalie Merchant, CNN and Time-Warner

As the media giants move in, it's worth noting how the web of ownerships and interest works in the Old Media.
On June 15, for example, CNN ended a half-hour newscast with a clip that began: "Natalie Merchant doesn't like bad music production, and she doesn't like machines that make music, so she did her best to avoid both on her latest release, 'Ophelia.'"
What followed was a long, breathless profile of Merchant's week-old CD by CNN correspondent Mark Scheerer.
Scheerer referred to "Ophelia" as Merchant's "dream album"; noted that she "will keep giving to her fans by co-headlining Lilith Fair"; and said that the CD's strong sales were "justifying her decision to go off on her own five years ago."
When Merchant emphasized that "there's no machines playing music on my record," Scheerer helpfully interjected: "As opposed to other artists' records."
Scheerer did not disclose that, as opposed to other artists' records, Merchant's latest was put out by Elektra -- which is owned by CNN parent Time-Warner.
Time-Warner's ( was filled with Natalie Merchant in May and June: a Time Magazine Q&A here, a glowing Entertainment Weekly review there. Yet a search on ( produced "no articles found," and ( yielded but a single item from last October.

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