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The $50-75 Outrage

A Column from

A contrarian column I wrote for a lefty San Francisco website for 20 months. NewsForChange -- actually called WorkingForChange now (it's owned by the Working Assets phone company) has occasional problems with its design, so please e-mail me if one of these links turns out blank, or opens up columns written by other people. Thanks!

Weaning Europeans from the U.S. Teat
After Euro, Let Next Project Be Military, Defense Spending and Maturity
NewsForChange - January 15, 2002

The Power of 'I'm Sorry'
How the U.S. Apologizes for Past Misdeeds, and why it Must Do More
NewsForChange - January 10, 2002

George Harrison and Dissent
The Cry of 'Conformity!' is an Aesthetic, not Rational, Response
NewsForChange - December 7, 2001

The Case Against Saudi Arabia
Defanging the House of Saud is a Bipartisan Matter of Self-defense
NewsForChange - Nov. 6, 2001

Optimism or Propaganda? An Exchange
My Debate with a Chomskyite Reader Over U.S. Foreign Policy
NewsForChange - Nov. 1, 2001

Optimists and Pessimists: Switch Sides!
You Don't Know What You're Missing, Until You Try
NewsForChange - Oct. 25, 2001

That's Why They Call it Realpolitik
Time for all of us to Make Tough Calls About Undemocratic Countries
NewsForChange - Oct. 11, 2001

Buck Up, Lefties!
You're Already Having an Effect; Now Go Make Some War Aims
NewsForChange - Sept. 22, 2001

Go Gently Into That Good Argument
Precautions You Should Take Before Arguing About the War
NewsForChange - Sept. 19, 2001

Media Scolds Blow Condit Story
If Bernie Kalb Was in Charge, Congressman Would Have Never Fessed up
NewsForChange - July 13, 2001

A Little Less Absolute Power
Supreme Court Chips Away at the Anti-Immigrant Frenzy of '96
NewsForChange - July 5, 2001

Immigration Foes on Wrong Side of History
Racial Hysteria, not Multicultural Harmony, Dominates California's Past
NewsForChange - July 2, 2001

Parallel Lives, Pugilist Politics
Strange Things Happen When You Treat Enemies Like Humans
NewsForChange - June 27, 2001

Lieberman/Clinton vs. Hollywood
Hillary and Vinegar Joe Turn Democrats into Pro-censorship Party
NewsForChange - June 22, 2001

Why Can't we all Just Talk About Immigration?
Ignoring L.A.'s Massive Demographic Shift is no Cure for Racism
NewsForChange - June 13, 2001

L.A. Needs More White Flight
After Hahn Supporters Flee (or get Kicked out), no More Crack ads for us!
NewsForChange - June 8, 2001

So Much for the Media Oligopoly
Media Support for Villaraigosa is Near-Unanimous, but he Still Might Lose
NewsForChange - June 5, 2001

Stomping Dubya Like Shaq Stomped Spurs
Bush Picked the Wrong State to Mess With
NewsForChange - May 29, 2001

Will L.A. Kill off the New Democrats?
Since They Can't Beat Republicans, Centrist White-Boy Demos Try Their Tough-on-Crime 'Electability' Against Charming Minority Liberals
NewsForChange - May 21, 2001

Be Careful Lefties, You Might Turn French
Notes on the Drawbacks of Creating a Naderite Country
NewsForChange - May 14, 2001

Enjoy the Dollar Bubble While it Lasts
Travel is Crazy-Cheap, but Eventual Damage to Economy Could be Dear
NewsForChange - April 30, 2001

Little Criminals
If You Were Treated Like Teens Are Now, You'd Snap, Too
NewsForChange - March 22, 2001

The Great Frat Divide
America's Seesawing Culture Wars Begin in the Sorority House
NewsForChange - March 16, 2001

Rodney King and the L.A. Times, 10 Years On
Anniversary Illustrates What Happens to Communities Without Newspapers
NewsForChange - March 10, 2001

The Isla Vista Massacre
Don't Blame UCSB's Filthy College Town for the Actions of a 'Tweaker'
NewsForChange - February 27, 2001

Dean Baker Bites Back
Economist Defends Stock-Tax Proposal I Called 'Deluded'
NewsForChange - February 20, 2001

Chocolat's Gooey Euro-Pudding
Where's the Pop Culture That Reflects Our Globalized World?
NewsForChange - February 16, 2001

The Deluded Economist
Lefty Favorite Dean Baker is Wrong to Bash Wall Street and Call for a Stock Transaction Tax
NewsForChange - February 9, 2001

Left of the Dial
'Breakfast With the Beatles' DJ Dies, Leaving One Less Soldier in the Fight Against Corporate Hell
NewsForChange - February 6, 2001

Looking Inside Ashcroft's INS
How Will Bush's 'Compassionate Reform' Square with Atty. General's Anti-Immigrant Record?
NewsForChange - February 2, 2001

Good-bye, Sleaze-Bag!
Clintons Spent Last Moments in White House Trading Sentence-reductions of Hasidic Felons in New York for a 1,400-12 Vote for Hillary
NewsForChange - January 30, 2001

The Bushites' South Africa Skeletons
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Baker and Others Were on the Wrong Side of History When Americans Rejected Apartheid in 1986
NewsForChange - January 16, 2001

Nannygate, pt. XIV
Chavez Irrelevance Shows, Again, Why Democrats Suck
NewsForChange - January 10, 2001

Concession Hardly 'Immaculate'
Sure it Was Good, but Gore Still Couldn't Avoid Being an Annoying Beta Male With Fuzzy Ideas
NewsForChange - December 14, 2000

Whoops! Don't Care!
A Man Can Only Hear so Much Partisan Bullshit Before Tuning out
NewsForChange - December 11, 2000

Chief Parks Should Resign
Autopsy Shows L.A. Cop Shot Actor at Halloween Party Four Times in the Back, but 'We Can Explain That'
NewsForChange - December 8, 2000

California's Teflon Front-Runner
L.A. Gets Stiffed $36 mil for Cop Overreaction to Convention; Meanwhile Singapore Gray Gets Tax-Exempt Oil Money to Fix up his House and Grab
Pole Position for 2004
NewsForChange - December 6, 2000

Ambivalent Anniversary
If Seattle and Nader Were All About Anti-Globalization, Then They Were Both Wastes of Time
NewsForChange - December 4, 2000

L.A. Labor's New Promise
Influx of Activist Latinos Is Changing the Politcs of Failure
NewsForChange - September 5, 2000

The Democrats' Religious-Right Ticket
Gore-Lieb's Bible-Thumping Hypocrisy and Pro-Censorship Views
Would Make Ed Meese Proud
NewsForChange - September 1, 2000

Do Androids Dream of Electric Speech?
Why Gore's Lack of the 'Intelligence Thing' Forces him Leftward
NewsForChange - August 25, 2000

The Nightmare Scenario
If Gore Wins California But Loses Nation, Watch out for Gray Davis
NewsForChange - August 24, 2000

Thrift-Store Reality Check
Before You Get Excited About Politics -- or Decide to Vote Nader -- Visit Your Local Goodwill
NewsForChange - August 21, 2000

The Ritually Insincere vs. the Incoherent
At the End, I'll Take Confused Protesters Over Professional Democrats
NewsForChange - August 18, 2000

How to Fight for My Working Family
Seven Tips for Al Gore, if he Actually Gave a Crap
NewsForChange - August 17, 2000

Lying to Larry King
Nothing 'Inadvertent' About Cops Attacking Journalists
NewsForChange - August 17, 2000

Shadow Boxing
L.A's DMZ Squanders Golden Opportunity for Human Conversation
NewsForChange - August 16, 2000

Future Miss U.S.A.
Filthy Hollywood Rockers More Clever Than Campaign Journalists
NewsForChange - August 16, 2000

Ram Dass for President!
Every Delegate, Journalist and Candidate Is a Drug Felon, So Why Not Back the Crazy Stoner?
NewsForChange - August 15, 2000

Homeless Activist Slams Anarchists
Kids Are 'Imposing Their Ideology,' Sparking Cop Backlash, Flores Says
NewsForChange - August 15, 2000

Cops Shoot Homeless Hero Ted Hayes
Activist, Famous for Non-violence, Leaves Protest Pit in Ambulance
NewsForChange - August 15, 2000

The Democrats' Appalling Chairman
Meet Joe Andrew, a Corrupt Dot-Com Weenie With a Mind of Cheese
NewsForChange - August 14, 2000

Communists Shut Down Broadway
Mao-Maoing Cubatistas March Down L.A.'s Most Capitalist Street
NewsForChange - August 14, 2000

Inside the Cop Mind at
Will Anarchists Who Call Them 'Pigs' Get a Little 'Stick Time'?
NewsForChange - July 19, 2000

The Militarization of the Sunset Strip
Sheriffs Crack Down on 'Cruising' While Compton Drowns in Blood
NewsForChange - July 17, 2000

Riordan Prepares Bloodbath
Bitter L.A. Mayor 'Cannot Tolerate Nonviolent Civil Disobedience'
NewsForChange - July 14, 2000

Baseball's 'Good Old Days' May Be Now
Terrific Shortstops, Colorful Players and Old-Fashioned Humility
Abound in Modern Game
NewsForChange - July 13, 2000

I Never Thought I'd Say Nader Was 'Fun,' But...
I'll Take Any Campaign-Finance Weirdo Over Gore and his 'Palabras'
NewsForChange - July 10, 2000

DNC Blows Smoke Up Our Asses
Convention Organizers Turn Down Big Tobacco, but Not
Terrible Monopolists or Disserved Taxpayers
NewsForChange - July 7, 2000

Rhapsody in Cheese
A Blissful July 4th With Jackass Actors, Fat 3-year-olds,
And Scattered Fireworks
NewsForChange - July 5, 2000

The Three Americas
How the Middle-Class Helps the Top 10% Ignore the Poor
NewsForChange - July 3, 2000

Gray Davis is the Real Quack
While Insurance Commish Resigns, Governor Wastes
$22 Million on Blatant Self-Promotion
NewsForChange - June 30, 2000

Cloning Barbie
Today the Genome, Tomorrow the Eugenics Factory
NewsForChange - June 28, 2000

Tale of Two Barbecues
Why Bobos Will Vote Gore, While the Real
Working Class Looks Elsewhere
NewsForChange - June 27, 2000

Is George W. Bush Going to Hell?
Dubya Mangles Scripture While Turning on the Gas
NewsForChange - June 23, 2000

These Aren't Hoodlums, These Are Cops
Mayor Spends More Energy Slamming Laker Fans than Rampart Hooligans
NewsForChange - June 21, 2000

My California Miseducation
Schools Fail to Excite Kids About State's Fantastic History
NewsForChange - June 19, 2000

Morning in Gore's America — Not Mine
Fake Al Apes Reagan While Ignoring Wasted Opportunity on His Watch
NewsForChange - June 16, 2000

Today's ACLU: Politics Over Principle
'Non-partisan' Group too Busy Battling Buchanan and the 1950s
To Notice Clinton/Gore's Shredding of Bill of Rights
NewsForChange - June 14, 2000

Mama's Got a Sluice Box
What Year Is It? California Golddiggers' Centuries of Scamming
NewsForChange - June 12, 2000

It's No Longer News When Rebels Sell Out
Meanwhile, the Biggest Conformists Keep Blathering 'Outside the Box'
NewsForChange - June 7, 2000

Fearing the Backlash
Are Ramparts Thugs Rooting for a Crime Surge,
So they Can Blame Police Critics?
NewsForChange - June 5, 2000

The 20-Year Cure for Banality
Goth Freaks Invade My House, to Remind Me Why
Robert Smith Still Matters
NewsForChange - June 2, 2000

In Defense of Los Angeles
Reflections on Tacky Venice Blvd. and Memorial Day
NewsForChange - May 30, 2000

Lament for the Death of Inspiration
The People and Publications Once Worth Emulating Have Become
Petty and Bloated, and No One Has Taken Their Place
NewsForChange - May 28, 2000

The Loneliness of the Free-Trade Left
Seattle Gang's Anti-China Debaters Can't Acknowledge Some People Actually Believe Trade is Good
NewsForChange - May 25, 2000

Gore No Better Than Bush on Crime
New Democrats Have a Long & Miserable Record on Civil Liberties and Drugs, Yet the Left Keeps Pulling the Idiot Lever
NewsForChange - May 23, 2000

Even Losers Know not to Drive a '95 Honda
Consumer-Mad White Trash Savage Knick Coach for 5-year-old Car
NewsForChange - May 20, 2000

Race, and the Trouble with Math
If Your Politics Are Good, Science Doesn't Matter -- and Vice-Versa
NewsForChange - May 18, 2000

A Classy Broad Steps Down
Remembrance of My Night Drinking With UPI Legend Helen Thomas
NewsForChange - May 16, 2000

Notes on the End Times
Who is Out-Fiddling Who as Weird Epoch Goes up in Flames?
NewsForChange - May 13, 2000

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