either in or directly attributable to Budapest. (Blame Hungary? You bp;Post " />

either in or directly attributable to Budapest. (Blame Hungary? You betcha!) Also, that's fine about the ska bands.

Posted by: Charlie at January 9, 2004 11:01 AM

mee too! mee too! the worst hangover i've ever had was in budapest after drinking whatever they served there. yeah, and thanks for stopping by in prague, welch.

Posted by: vladan at January 10, 2004 03:24 AM

see if we wantcha next time around

Posted by: Scott MacMillan at January 10, 2004 04:42 AM

Ahoj Vladanicek! Hi Scott!

Like I told Dougie, my heart (not to mention liver) just can't handle a 60-hour Prague visit (which is how long we were in Budapest), so I'm trying to get various publications to fly me out there for a solid 7-10 day stretch this spring, for more human visit hours. Kick Hana for me!

Posted by: Matt Welch at January 11, 2004 08:55 AM

Berliners are also into the "Let's make our city resemble a war zone" form of New Year's celebration.

Posted by: kid charlemagne at January 11, 2004 11:52 AM

Budapest is the chiv! I spent some time there last winter, and it was GREAT! SO much better than Prague -- dirtier, louder, cheaper and a lot more fun. Good lounges with bad French jin Kiev now, and the Hungarians have nothing on the Ukranians. It sounded like Beirut here during New Years. I live on the 15th floor, and it was a bit scary watching people shoot fireworks from their balconies towards one another. I thought Florida rednecks liked fireworks, but Ukraine takes the prize. :)

Posted by: Discoshaman at January 11, 2004 04:02 PM
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