November 03, 2003

Track 1, From the Punk-Rock...

Track 1, From the Punk-Rock Pet Sounds: The Mr. T. Experience's Yesterday Rules has its first MP3 available.

Posted by at November 3, 2003 05:23 PM

Didn't that band have something on the REM tribute album from years back?

Posted by: Scott MacMillan at November 4, 2003 08:15 AM

Yeah, Scott, and that's going back quite a ways. The song was Can't Get there from Here, and I think the comp was called Surprise Your Pig, for some reason. Memories... or rather, more like the lack of memories: I can barely remember how it goes, though I do still like the line "this is shower sugar beer, now/Donna Reed is not my mom."

And: thanks, Matt!

Posted by: Dr. Frank at November 4, 2003 09:21 AM

It was the one with the video when they were running around dressed up like haystacks. "Hands bound, coleechee bound." What's a colleechee?

Which reminds me of the song by that one band that was headed by that one kid Ben Lee who later (and still?) went out with Claire Danes, called "I Wish I Was Him," apparently about Evan Dando of the Lemonheads.

"He's got six different flannel shirts
Airwalks not thongs
He even understands the words to Pavement songs"


Posted by: Scott MacMillan at November 4, 2003 10:07 AM
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