. And being a sophist has _nothing_ to do with right (I'm talking about justice, right and wrong). Maybe you're impressed by it. But it's also, point of fact, a wonderful disguise for a demagogue.

Sorry to see that you _seem_, correct me if I'm wrong, apt to fall for her (and especially for the ever vile Camejo's) emotionally-laden, Horatio-Alger-cum-Marxian, curve-balls.

* And of course by sophist (sophia, wisdom, knowledge, science) I mean in the more specific, ancient -- er, not so Greek gold-digger -- undertstanding of the word.

Sophist being the label for those who, ala "The Meathead" (Archie Bunker's intellectual son-in-law), think they can show they're smarter, more clever than the nomos piety. (Nomos being Greek for "law"; law which is outside the human; nomos is usually translated as "convention"; but no Greek -- or for that matter no Zulu, Aztec, or ancient Hebrew -- saw his tribe's/city's divine "nomos"/law as anything other than self-evident rational insight, with nothing the slightest conventional about it. Nomos only comes to light in contradistinction to the discovery of nature, physis, that which comes about through growth, generation and not through making, art {artifice, artificial}. Man the maker is the maker of many things with which to fill his world; but he has a nature which comes to sight as part of nature of which he is not the "maker"); i.e. that "the meat-head" can prove himself above, superior, more refined, more "with-it" than what is seen otherwise as the local custom, prejudice; i.e. of winning the _reputation_, the esteem (vanity), for being "wise." But alas they could be easily exposed for not at all occupying any such wisdom. Sophistry in fact has nothing to do with knowing right from wrong, with being truly wise, of truly knowing what the fuck one is talking about. One is only a "wise guy." (Of course, that's exactly the way Socrates appeared to the Athenians, and why they gave him the Hemlock).

If there isn't a right (justice) according to nature, then everything Huffington stands for is pure malarkey and is by necessity every bit redolent of _opinion_ and does not get an exemption from the very same prejudice she ascribes to others.

Posted by: Robert Light at September 25, 2003 09:26 PM
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