August 17, 2003

Steyn Angelynes Arianna: Oh...

Steyn Angelynes Arianna: Oh, why doesn't Mark Steyn write for my local paond the standard left-right paradigm and provide new solutions." If I had a pair o' dime for every time she's disdained the old paradigm, I'd be rich enough to run for governor, too. [...]

Arianna is taking us beyond the old left/right, rich/poor, hugely popular/massively obscure paradigms to forge a top-down grassroots movement tapping into a vast dried-up reservoir of inactive activists giving voice to millions who feel disenfranchised--so totally disenfranchised they don't even show up in polling surveys, which is why her numbers are down around 4% with Larry Flynt. Following the success of her hybrid car, she's now experimenting with a bandwagon that runs on nothing. [...]

Label-wise, she's more of a trickle-down populist, who figures if you network at enough A-list parties, word will eventually leak out to the 29 million Californians who weren't invited. Via Kaus.

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