buy Arnie one bit - and they cover both left and right of the spectrum now. I was most surprised yesterday talking with someone who "thought Regan was liberal", convinced Arnie is full of guff, and is backing Simon. Wishes McClintock would drop out.

A recall on Davis gives many Democratic voters a reason to come out this time; those who stayed away in droves in October because they could not bring themselves to vote for Joe. I don't think Republicans can say the same - they had an ideal chance to dump him in October but could not, and I just don't believe there were so many stay-at-home Goppies with chances so good.

Posted by: Hoodie Craw at August 10, 2003 10:52 PM

I'm not shocked by Bustamante's standing. You have to remember that maybe 40 percent of the electorate is going to vote for a Democrat no matter what. That gives Bustamante a pretty good shot, even among people who've never heard of him.

One thing to remember here: they usually try to only poll "likely voters." Arnold's best hope is to bring out a lot of "unlikely voters" on Oct. 7. It's the same reason the polls didn't predict Jesse Ventura's victory.

In my highly unscientific "poll" of 6 people in Tracy, California last week, all 6 said they consider Arnold a serious candidate, and 4 said they were leaning toward voting for him. Two were Feinstein Democrats, one was a Republican who voted for Simon in November, and one was an apolitical 19-year-old who said Arnold was a better choice than "the usual old men" who run for office.

Posted by: Tony Biasotti at August 11, 2003 08:46 AM

Richard, for instance, fixing as usual on his long-standing mantra that California Republicans are idiots, is all but proclaiming victory for Cruz Bustamante, apparently hinging his prediction on conservatives insisting on voting for Simon and McClintock.

Yo, Bill, how many statewide offices are held by Republicans? And how many seats in the legislature? And how many Cauli-for-knee-ans are pro-choice?

Do the math, dude.

Posted by: Richard Bennett at August 11, 2003 02:45 PM
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