;com">ct at July 16, 2003 12:04 AM

So that's where that burning sensation in my eyes came from after I wrote that post last night.

Posted by: michele at July 16, 2003 09:36 AM

Now if we could just get the Evil Dodgers to sign Dusty Baker as manager, the Giants would be all set for Total Domination.

Posted by: Richard Bennett at July 16, 2003 04:14 PM

Two things about Rickey:

1) He's one of the greatest baseball players ever--I'm in complete agreement with Bill James' comment in the New Historical Baseball Abstract that if you broke him in half, you'd have *two* Hall of Fame players. The top three all time for three rather important offensive categories:

Runs Scored, Career:

1. Rickey Henderson
2. Ty Cobb
3. Hank Aaron/Babe Ruth

Walks, Career

1. Rickey Henderson
2. Babe Ruth
3. Ted Williams

Stolen Bases, Career

1. Rickey Henderson--1403
2. Lou Brock--938
3. Ty Cobb--892

Those are some rather notable names he left in the dust.

2) The man has no class whatsoever, and the way he treated Lou Brock on the day he broke his record was just abominable. Barry Bonds gets a lot of crap for less than stellar social skills, but Rickey has him beat a mile in that less than desirable category.

I will say this, though--the man wants to play, and he apparently still can. If he can keep his ego to himself, he can probably still help a team win.

Posted by: M. Scott Eiland at July 16, 2003 05:30 PM

One of my favorite baseball memories was sitting in Memorial Stadium watching Ricky double-steal against the O's in the early '80s: first to second on one pitch, second to third on the next. Felt like I was watching that footage of Jackie Robinson stealing home: you knew he was going to try it, but there was nothing to do to stop him.

Posted by: Bill Peschel at July 18, 2003 04:56 PM
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