(surprise, with a glove on a flat field, they are great fielders) … and what else are you gonna do except play ball all day … most kids today are not gonna stand out in a field and field grounders for 6 hours (how many electronic distrations are there?) until the sun goes down even though out in the suburbs we not only have grass and groomed dirt, some diamonds for little kids have lights! but how much effort is expended versus some kid who plays in a pit in the Domician Republic? Yea, he is used to standing in the sun all day and he also knows there’s not a lot of ways off the island – even to play minor ball, that’s a pretty good living … here in the burbs, you can make 6 figures managing a Taco Bell (I know that for a fact) so, how much time am I gonna stand under the Sun? And that applies to the suburban kids here named Martinez or Garcia. To them, it’s pointless to stand in the Sun for 6 hours unless it’s by a pool or a beach.

We also have to factor in that until very recently, if you were poor (whether you were black or not), there were not as many options for you – what was your way out? Sports was one – why don’t you have preppy Ivy League boxers? Larry Bird grew up poor and out in the sticks, what else was he gonna do with his spare time except shoot hoops? Yea, quick twitch muscles play a part in it but guys like Carl Lewis and Edwin Moses didn’t just wake up one day and became #1. How many thousands of hours did they spend getting to those 20 seconds? You have to want it and maybe you don’t have a lot of other career options. One of my good friends (white guy) – faster than blazes but also smart – running track was fun for him but after high school, he’s not gonna spend 5 hours RUNNING and going to meets in places like Bakersfield or Yuma … how much can you pull down as top 5 track champion in the US? mid-6 figures if all goes well? Or would he’s rather have fun in college and become a lawyer and have a much better chance as one of 200,000 lawyers pulling down 6 figures? If it’s not what you wanna do, you’re not gonna succeed.

What Dusty said is like saying if you’re 6’6” or taller, you have a better chance of making it in the NBA but we can see every year, there are hundreds of great NCAA/college guys who are good but only about 20 are NBA material – no matter how tall you are. You gotta have heart and want to succeed.

Posted by: jbelkin at July 23, 2003 08:46 PM
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