CSB, and the California Democratic Party. In the current gubernatorial campaign, Davis has distinguished himself by claiming that Republican favorite Richard Riordan, the ex-L.A. mayor, is insufficiently bloodthirsty when it comes to the Death Penalty. Davis has also tried to smear the solidly pro-choice Riordan (whose wife is a Democrat), as a closet anti-abortionist. Today's L.A. Times has two sad little stories about how Davis utterly failed to excite his party's "base," at this weekend's state Democratic convention. In this George Skelton column, we learn that the only people truly excited by the governor's campaign were would-be volunteers, reeling from a recession that's hammered everyone younger than me, looking to weave campaign experience into patronage.
When the call went out for hundreds of young volunteers to work the convention, 50% more showed up than were needed.

"I see a lot of people walking around with their resumes today," said Evelyn Jerome, 30, of Santa Monica, a PR consultant and past president of the L.A. Young Democrats. "Many are hoping to become volunteers in a campaign and get a job when their candidate wins."

As for Davis, "He's a tough personality to like," she said. "But when it comes to issues, he's there."

Then there's this story, which illustrates nicely how certain lefties can support a candidate far to the right of his Republican opponent on several hot-button issues: Just combine a Tim Robbins-like conviction that Republicans not named Jim Jeffords are evil, with a Naderite certainty that corporations are the devil's battering ram, and presto! You don't have to pay attention, and you can vote Gray:
"He's been a victim of the Texas oil people," said Humberto Lujan of Norwalk, an avionics technician.

"He was set up," he said. "We're dealing with some very intelligent people within the corporate structure who are trying to do him in, because he's a great threat to the Bush administration, and they want to make him look as bad as they can."

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