July 08, 2003

Running High: Heather Havri...

Running High: Heather Havrilesky works, somehow.

Posted by at July 8, 2003 09:29 PM

Between her and Lileks today I've had all the Jackson Browne I can handle. And this comes from a guy who's unfortunately partially named after the guy.

My buddy Stu was playing for some band that opened for Mr. Browne at some point. Stu's got a penchant for saying just the right thing to piss someone the hell off, and he couldn't pass up an opportunity to do so to such a famous celebrity.

So as Stu's walking off stage he sees Jackson and makes his way over. Leaning over, he whispers into his ear: "So, tell me. Is Darryl Hannah a bleeder?" Well, next thing Stu knows he's being punched by Mr.Sensitive. What a temper!

Posted by: Jackson Cooper at July 9, 2003 10:45 AM
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