vernor! This time, we're serious.

Posted by at July 7, 2003 05:30 PM

"This time, we're serious"--not quite "send them a message", as campaign slogans go, but it does have potential.

Posted by: Steve Smith at July 7, 2003 10:11 PM

How about "Throw the *real* bums out of Sacramento"? Or: "I have absolutely no Nazis in my family tree." Or: "Come back Woody Guthrie // come back to us now."

Posted by: Matt Welch at July 7, 2003 10:21 PM

Hank delivered the perfect slogan, before he even knew he would soon be the guvner of California: "You've got to leave something for people like me."

Posted by: Ken Layne at July 7, 2003 11:19 PM

"No Nazis in my family tree"? I can see the sort of nasty, below-the-belt campaign that awaits my efforts to draft Tiffany Amber-Thiessen.

Posted by: Steve Smith at July 7, 2003 11:51 PM

Steve, I'm sure there's some sort of trade we could pull at the last minute, if Hank is unable to serve. And Ms. Thiessen -- I heard she dropped the "Amber," which should break the hearts of stripper-loving Americans everywhere -- would be a much prettier gov than Ah-nold.

Posted by: Ken Layne at July 8, 2003 01:37 AM

I would rather get hammered with this gubernatorial candidate than with Hank; I probably would have to buy my own drinks with Mr. Denny.

Posted by: Steve Smith at July 8, 2003 02:44 PM
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