took my then girlfriend, the adorable Heidi visiting L.A. from Montreal, to MaHa Yoga. I did so on her insistence since, well, she herself a little hottie and is into these kinds of things. It's the only time I've done Yoga.

Dave Ducovny (sp?), that actor from X-Files, was working out beside us. B.P.'s all around, a plethora of female model types. What a ridiculous, quintessential L.A. scene.

Yes, things got very steamy and hot and very, uh, relaxed -- perhaps too relaxed -- in there.

I then hear this "pppppppphhhhh" sound coming from one of these "model" chicks behind me.

Followed by a girly "hee, hee, hee."

Well, yes, a fart!

Yes, dear folks, even super-models get gassy!

These chicks eat a lot of tofu, I understand, which causes a lot of gas.

So, I've learned that tofu, yoga, supermodels and gas all go together.

Posted by: Robert Light at July 2, 2003 04:23 PM

Hey, I was promised fresh meat, instead I get a post about tofu "sausage".

"Have we reached Godwin's Law on this one yet? I've got some fresh meat above, especially the deal about the tofu-eating bear...."

Interesting that the tofu was shaped into "sausage".
Interesting because tofu -- as I am sure all hippy Californians know -- has something in common with a dildo, i.e., they are both meat substitutes.

The bear was "on all fours".
Os replied, “We’re doing it.”
"Fresh meat."

Sounds a lot like the Frist/homo post to me.
A lot of in your end dough.

What were those "sausages'" flavored with anyway that made the bear want to have them so bad? Someone once said, "California is not a place - its a need." This must have been what they meant.

And how well do you know these people?

I never sausage an interesting post like this before.

California rocks!

Posted by: Warren Celli at July 2, 2003 06:36 PM

Do California Bears drink used motor oil? I was gonna dump it in my backyard, but I'd like to help out our animal friends and do my part for the environment.

Posted by: Paul at July 8, 2003 12:25 AM
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