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What were Robinson's college numbers?

Posted by: Steve Smith at July 1, 2003 01:13 PM

I checked. Robinson hit .097, and started mainly because of his speed and fielding (not to mention his rep in other sports). Beane wouldn't have got near him with a ten-foot pole on draft day. If he were playing now, the Dodgers would probably draft Robinson (based on their perception of his "talent" and physical skills) in the second round, platoon him with Alex Cora for two years, then trade him at the age of 25 to Oakland once it became apparent that he couldn't get along with Bill Platchke or Shawn Green.

Posted by: Steve Smith at July 1, 2003 03:41 PM

Joe Morgan is becoming legendary for making it clear that he has absolutely no understanding of exactly what made him the greatest second baseman to step onto a baseball diamond. Rather sad, really.

Jackie might well not have been a professional baseball player if he were coming out of college today--he was a four letter man at UCLA, and baseball was his weakest sport. He went into baseball because it was where an athlete went to make decent money in those days, and the Negro Leagues were available for him to go to after he was discharged from the military. These days, he might well have ended up as a well-paid track star or an NFL running back.

Posted by: M. Scott Eiland at July 1, 2003 09:25 PM

What a terrific hypothetical -- what would Jackie Robinson have done today? Can you even think of a multi-sport five-tool athlete who had such Billy Beane-friendly skills? I guess maybe Dave Winfield, though he couldn't turn two.

Posted by: Matt Welch at July 1, 2003 09:41 PM

Kirk Gibson?

Posted by: Steve Smith at July 1, 2003 11:23 PM
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