...I just thought it was about the proper role of government, which was to be limited.

But as far as traditions go, there is a huge difference between someone brought up with Judaism, Baptism, Episcopalianism or some Protestant religion manifesting itself in America along with Shakespeare, Bach, and the whole literary tradition when compared with a Mexican laborer from Oaxaca. The American legal tradition seems to indicate that these two are (obviously rightly) equal before the law, but I don't believe that says much about them as humans.

Peter Brimelow, far from being an "idiot", realizes this, and is in sync with VD Hanson on what Rob's post suggests: but that multiculturalism is *a* but not necessarily *the* primary problem. It is okay for CA representative John Vasconcellos to blithely assert that (loosely paraphrased) "Mexico wants it back and I don't see why not" and is seen as justified, or Antonio Villaraigosa's past involvement with openly racist MEChA (let alone the ubiquity of this group in U.S. universities) is never questioned, but whenever an American of European descent advocates the strengthening of that tradition, or the reassertion of the sovereignty of America it is immediately "racist" and "bigoted." Brimelow has repeatedly indicated that the primary group taking the hit for out-of-control immigration is African-Americans, which is the reason that some immigration-savvy African-Americans such as Terry Anderson continue to support Brimelow. So the "racist" or "that's not America" argument is specious when applied to him, unless one just takes quotes from his writing and uses them like sound-bites devoid of context...

Maybe the pot-shots should just cease, and you guys with the time for all this should argue the points rather than Horkheimer/Adorno'ing your opposition like the leftists in their demonizing/cheesy-psychological profiling of those that disagree.

Posted by: inakappeh at July 3, 2003 11:47 AM

Inakappeh -- It is quite literally amazing to me that you could read my column, read Brimelow's reaction, and conclude that the person guilty of hurling distracting insults is me. If that's what you're concluding, of course....

Posted by: Matt Welch at July 3, 2003 11:44 PM
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