June 12, 2003

Programming Note: With this...

Programming Note: W1055394552.php">profiled in today's OJR!), I've been posting and responding to e-mail about as diligently as one of those crazy old cat-ladies cleans out the kitty litter. Which is to say, not very often. A good friend even asked if I was mad at her, on account of being so rude about not answering e-mails. (Here's how bad the e-mails are -- I drag a laptop to work, and grab my mail there ... but do it so that all those mails are sitting on my computer at home. Which somehow doubles the amount of spam I look at and delete every day, while failing to centralize the stuff on my office machine...).

Oh, who cares? Just to say that I'm a little swamped, happily so, and that this is why I've been derelict.

Posted by at June 12, 2003 07:14 AM

...been derelict... Be careful how you use that word.

I've been a derelict, too!

Posted by: Chris Howell at June 12, 2003 02:10 PM

Try Messagefire for your spam, Monsieur Dude. Use coupon number DMBDDTS. Henri

Posted by: henry at June 16, 2003 03:15 AM
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