June 08, 2003

Blogs as Memories: For the ...

Blogs as Memories: For the second weekend running, my social schedule ends up being photo-blogged. I was going to make some joke complaining about having to be on the record 24/7, but the truth is I'm glad there is historical evidence -- and lovely, at that -- of joyful days that my leaky brain is almost guaranteed to forget later. Just last night, for example, when I was driving birthday boy Jeff Solomon home in my fab new 1986 T-bird, he asked me: Remember that time in Prague when were driving the Prognosis Trabi through Old Town, which was off-limits to cars, and the cops pulled us over to give us a ticket, and you talked to them in bad Czech for a while, and then turned to me and said "just go. Seriously, just drive away!" and the cops were just standing there, looking at us drive away? And I did not remember that. I do remember that the Trabant was given to us as a present from the band Faith No More, and that it broke down a few months later ... but the details of both events are hazy. If only Tony Pierce was there with his digital camera....

Posted by at June 8, 2003 10:10 PM

That's really cool. Your friend looks like the bad guy from Fargo, not Buscemi, the other one. But in a good way.

Posted by: Jim Treacher at June 9, 2003 03:20 PM
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