May 19, 2003

Eight Little Dr. Frank Song...

Eight Little Dr. Frank Songs, Eight Little Dollars: So go buy it already! I'll buy mine tonight, as a present to myself for finishing a deadline. Remember, too, that he's actually inviting feedback & talk about the songs, to inform the new record and mix things up.

Have I told you about seeing the Mr. T Experience live in Prague 10 years ago? Not much of a story, on account of the usual memory leakage, but it's rare when an opening band jerks your neck backward and casts a long shadow over the Main Attraction. That's what Dr. Frank's band did to Fugazi at the Roxy that night. For you L.A. pals in the audience, send Frank a note about how he needs to come down and play with Tsar, or The Luxus (who has a show at Spaceland tomorrow night). It's shaping up to be the Summer of Rock here in Hollywood, and that's not even talking about Layne's excellent forthcoming bootleg CD, an almost-finished version of which I've been listening to in heavy rotation at the home office.

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