May 06, 2003

NY Post Continues to Storm ...

NY Post Continues to Storm up the Newspaper Circulation Charts: A 10 percent gain from a year ago, while industry-wide figures were basically flat. The New York Times was the big loser among the big dailies, shedding more than 5 percent. UPDATE: Layne has some interesting comments.

Posted by at May 6, 2003 12:19 PM

To be quite honest, it seems like there may be another story going on: is it possible that The Times’ circulation declined in this period because of a price hike while The Post’s improved because, uh, they cut by half what you shell out for the paper? I understand that Layne has some kind of ideological axe to grind with Raines and company, but the suggestion that people turned away from The Lady Who Used to be Grey due to the preponderance of articles on Augusta (the number of which were not statistically different from those run in USA Today) seems a bit facile: I’m pretty sure I had to read my sports scores upside down because The Paper of Record added a whole other fucking section to deal with Gulf War II: The Reckoning, whereas I’m stumped to recall the self-contained broadsheet entitled “The Masters: No Girls Allowed” . I’m certainly not without criticism for The Times, but to imply that people stopped buying the paper for its alleged antiwar slant or the occasional “golf no like ladies” piece is to ignore more salient, and more likely, factors of economy.

Posted by: TMFTML at May 7, 2003 08:59 PM
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