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February 21, 2002

Nader's Pre-Election Mideast Plan --

Nader's Pre-Election Mideast Plan -- Pressure Israel: From a storye treaties, and "supporting workers and peasants instead of oligarchs and dictators"):

"[There will be] no peace in that area without justice for the Palestinians."

"When you look at the violence, where is most of the violence? It's in the Palestinian territory," said Nader. "Who are the victims of the violence? Mostly Palestinian young men throwing rocks. Who are the forces that are producing most of the violence? The overwhelming excessive use of force is by the Israeli military.

"So if you want to really quell the violence, you say to the Israelis, 'Back off, these rocks are not reaching the Israeli borders.'" [...]

With Israeli soldiers "killing innocent children," America should be pushing its ally to stop provoking the much-weaker Palestinians, who "have got a lot of reasons for their rage," Nader said.

"Maybe if the U.S. is a bit more forceful, and answers questions like [those asked] Vice President Gore a little more candidly, instead of so cowardly ... there will be an agreement reached, and in a few years both Palestinians and Israelis will wonder why it took 'em so long."

The Jewish state should realize it is dealing from a position of strength, he said in St. Louis.

"Israelis want security -- they have security; their own military research institute says Israel has never been more militarily secure and militarily superior than all their neighbors combined," he said. "And I think the burden of restraint has to be with the party that A) has overwhelming military force, and B) that is producing overwhelming number of casualties against largely young people throwing rocks."

Take it away, Charles Johnson!

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