/blockquote> Numbers compiled from the World Health Organization, which also has female figures (but not combined); dates of most available info differ for each country.

This begs the question: What the hell's wrong with the 24th meridian? I can't find a proper longitudinal political map online, but if you trace your finger down your handy atlas or this map you'll see that every single one of the countries listed above has some territory along the 24th or 25th meridian. Who else lives along the Axis of Sadness? Ranked from north to south (and, pretty much, suicidal to cheerful):

37.9 Finland
26.1 Poland
22.6 Slovakia
21.2 Romania
21.6 Yugoslavia
10.3 Macedonia
6.3 Albania
6.1 Greece
These figures confirm what I've long suspected: Communism, Europe and cold weather are a deadly mix. Other random countries of note, in order of most-bummed:
27.1 France
26.0 Czech Republic
24.5 Cuba
21.2 Australia
19.6 Canada
18.6 United States
11.8 United Kingdom

Posted by at April 28, 2003 04:15 PM

Or we can just say Communism and bad weather don't mix -- like in frickin' Vermont, where I went to college. During that time, the thought of offing myself was not without notice.

Posted by: Robert at April 28, 2003 06:38 PM

The Mexican rate is 5.4, less than a third of the U.S. rate. Maybe my inlaws were wrong to spend such time and effort to get here. Or maybe they will help bring the rate down.

Posted by: Timothy Roscoe Carter at April 29, 2003 09:56 AM

All of Latin America has very low rates (

Also, Islamic nations seem to have very low rates. I wonder what kind of reporting bias these contries had.

Still, fascinating little chart.

Posted by: Captain Mojo at April 29, 2003 02:13 PM
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