April 28, 2003

Your Second Bloggerly Sourc...

Your Second Bloggerly Source on George Galloway: In addition to Tim Blair, make sure to keep checking out Hurry Up Harry.

This probably isn't the kind of thing a dignified person should admit, but I had a disturbing dream last night involving Galloway, David Carradine, a talking sea otter and a secret clubhouse called "The Velvet Pizzeria," located in a cave on the Lone Pine coast. Lone Pine, of course, is nowhere near the ocean....

Posted by at April 28, 2003 11:34 AM

I had a dream about Galloway the other night too, but yours wins the surreal stakes...

Posted by: Jackie D at April 29, 2003 06:15 AM

But Harry misses what is arguably the biggest reason that American papers don't care:

Galloway isn't American.

He's not even a big Brit politician. (By which, sadly, we pretty much mean Prime Minister or senior Cabinet minister.)

I mean, would we report (much) on the doings of a member of the Duma? Or a member of the Bundestag?

Don't get me wrong, I think it IS important that one of the loudest anti-war voices seems to have been on Saddam's dole, but still, to expect coverage on the order of what Tommysted by: Dean at April 29, 2003 02:32 PM

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