February 21, 2002

Dept. of Michael Moore Predictions,

Dept. of Michael Moore Predictions, Pt. II: Sorry for the Nader campaign nostalgia. It's just that I'm working on my book review ... and these bits are so damned irresistible. Here's an excerpt from a Salon.com piece in October 2000, showcasing the Green candidate's forecasting abilities:

Nader's strategy all week had been to try to assure his public that a vote for him would really not be a vote for Bush, going so far as to tell the New York Times that Gore's "going to do to Bush what Clinton did to Dole in 1996."
Then there's cuddly populist Michael Moore, whose dead-wrong predictions were also mentioned below. This time, he adds insult to ignorance:
"I will grant you that a good 50 to 60 million of your fellow Americans are stupider than shit," he tells a packed crowd at Michigan State University, "and they're smart enough to see through" Bush.

"The man is a stone-cold idiot," Moore continued, to a mad chorus of cheers. "This podium I'm leaning against is smarter than George W. Bush."
Ha, ha ... ha-ha. Must be that funny-hat.

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