ith appropriate timing. Ah, well -- off the read Summer Meditations...

Posted by: Christopher Walker at April 24, 2003 12:53 PM

Congratulations. Wonderful piece. Tying together those threads was brilliant.

His "The Power of the Powerless" was my favorite. His most Orwellian-like piece (ugh - I'll leave the writing to you).



Posted by: SMGalbraith at April 24, 2003 05:45 PM

Was not too long and required no generosity of spirit to read - I found the subject fascinating, and several times I also stopped and reread sections to savor the writing. It's a topic I know very little about - Havel and his context - and you made it come alive. Thank you.

Posted by: susanna at April 28, 2003 05:27 AM

For the record, the heart was not Havel's idea, and I think the fact that it went up for NATO was just a coincidence. The Castle commissioned artist Jiri David to create a tribute, and the trademark Havel heart is what he came up with. I think Havel's too self-effacing to propose something like that on his own. (It's worth noting that the neon heart is also the Czech visual slogan for a whorehouse, which is what everybody knew the Castle would become once Havel was out.)

Havel is indeed the master of the obvious. Like when he made that amazing speech in 1997: "A rather strange role, to my mind, is often played by our banks..." Totally obvious to anybody who knew the first thing about the Czech business environment at the time. It was obvious because it was true, and yet somehow nobody would say it because it was so obvious.

Great essay, great man.

Posted by: Scott MacMillan at April 28, 2003 12:29 PM

Great, truly great, piece. I found the blog through the article and it's very good too.

Posted by: David Weman at April 29, 2003 10:48 AM
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