ession", and "[???] compressed application"

It appears to be a demo of some sort of HTML compression software (Hence the "pack" in the URL?) If you view the source code, you'll see that all the whitespace has been stripped away.

Posted by: Paul Dino Gaspardo at April 10, 2003 04:54 PM

The same thing happened to my site. Heck if I know...

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at April 10, 2003 06:07 PM

Hey "Matt",
The real Matt is asking the same thing. But that makes more sense; it's some kind of really bad hangover or maybe that absinthe stuff you're into. Anyway, we're on to you, you fraud.

(the rest of you: don't listen to Gaspardo, he's with the DIA.)

Posted by: Thomas Nephew at April 10, 2003 07:11 PM


Posted by: Scott at April 10, 2003 07:50 PM

You know, y'all make me laugh ...

Posted by: Matt Welch at April 10, 2003 08:28 PM

This letter may explain what's up. Apparently, your site is being primed for Japanese cell phones. Congratulations!

Posted by: Andrew at April 10, 2003 10:28 PM

Dude, they got me too!

Methinks the Web has just gotten a bit creepier when some Japanese ISP makes a mirror for my lousy blog.

It's probably all your fault, Welch. ;-)

Posted by: mat at April 15, 2003 11:00 AM
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