orm/dria-davis-congress-speech.html">crap. If you're a Saudi national suspected of plotting terrorism in the United States, on the other hand, you'll get the best possible lawyers, all paid for by the Saudi government, at the direct behest of Prince Bandar.

I guess Saudi Arabia is richer, or more protective of its citizens. Or something.

Posted by at April 1, 2003 06:53 PM

A Saudi diplomat was accused of links to AQ in Germany; Saudis got him out of there. Further up, an S.A. diplomat was murdered (?) in Ivory Coast. There was also the case a while back where S.A. got the wife of a suspect out of the U.S. while we weren't looking. Also search for Idaho at talkleft.com

Posted by: Lonewacko at April 2, 2003 12:28 PM

Of course, it's amazing how many parents have had thier wife or husband run off to the home country and go to the Foggy Bottom apparatchiks only to be rebuffed, stonewalled or whathaveya. I recall reading an article about this years ago, how the State Dept. fools would sometimes seemingly go out of their way to make parents wanting their kids back feel hostility. It quoted memos that showed how low some Dept. goons thought of the American citizens seeking their help. Like some guy whose wife had taken the kids back to Central America and one diplocrat's memo stated something like "People call this guy Bubba, I guess we can tell what that means."
Especially in these Saudi cases, it shows you how often State Dept. goons tend to forget they work for America and not whatever nation they're stationed in or are assigned to deal with.

Posted by: CX at April 3, 2003 06:26 AM

Yup, a variant of that virus known as the Stockholm Syndrome.

Posted by: Tongue Boy at April 4, 2003 09:58 AM

There's also a whole series of reports on this on NRO, mostly be Joel Mowbray.

Posted by: Craig at April 4, 2003 11:31 AM
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