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Mr. Light,
Um, okaaayyy... I checked out the link. I read a front-page story defending the internment of the Japanese. Writen, it claims, by a person whose parents were interned. It says, "After all, the more questions we ask, the better policy we are likely to get. Anything else is ideological fanaticism. Congressman Coble's critics are the fanatics." The author knows he is fighting the good fight against the insanity of the world: "Despite the fact that scholarly consensus, left, right, libertarian, and post-modern, condemns the cases in vehement terms, they remain the law of the land."
Attempting to respond to you, I have sympathy for biologists not wanting to debate creationists, yet again, or Tax Court not wanting to explain, yet again, why protesters deserve penalties. All I will do is suggest that others reading this should follow your advice: Check out the link, read some of the material, and decide for yourself if these ideas are crazy and/or racist.
I think we can agree on that.

Posted by: Timothy Roscoe Carter at March 25, 2003 01:52 PM

Hi Timothy!

Well, I happen to know Ken Masugi (a "Jaffanese" American, as he likes to put it -- one of several Japanese Americans to have had the privilege to have studied under the redoubtable political philosopher Harry Jaffa, which Ken did back in the late 60s) -- and, yes, his parents were in fact relocated to internment camps during WWII. InUnless you care to match his erudition or scholarship, your smug, uninformed attempts to impugn his integrity, intellectual or otherwise are absolutely comedic. (He is, btw, an incisive interpeter of Tocquevill, among others. And I'd hazard you have much to gain by reading his latest book, "Democracy in California", how progressives have substantially damaged politics and public policy in the state).

I couldn't ask for a better and more ironic fulfillment of my opening statements in this chat-box -- the attempt by certain ignoramuses to close down discussion through thoughtless smears of "racism," "bigotry" etc. Nice work if you can get away with it.

Posted by: Robert Light at March 25, 2003 02:27 PM
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