March 23, 2003

'Other News of Note': Layne...

'Other News of Note': Layne keeps eyes off ball.

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George H. W. Bush's succinct analysis of what's up with the French: "They're French."

Excerpt below from a Newsweek story via MSNBC ( )

GHWB: I think when history is written people are going to find some very interesting things about the French position. And I’m annoyed at the German position. I don’t talk about it publicly, but I know a lot of German people not in the coalition government with Schroder who are very, very upset about the position of their government.

NEWSWEEK: What do you think is going on with France?

GHWB: [Pause] They’re French.

NEWSWEEK: Any elaboration?

GHWB: Nope. There’s always been some friction. I was once talking to a group of French intellectuals, and I said, “You think we’re arrogant, and we think you’re French.” And they looked at each other and thought maybe I’d said something very intelligent. But that may well be it. It’s too bad, but life goes on, and we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.

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