p>And if Virginian Postrel is to be taken seriously -- that American cinema is this country's greatest expression of aesthetic eminence -- then we're really in a sad way...... and a sad statement on the "level" we've reached.

France has produced, I'd argue, the greatest cinema, along with Italy and Sweden. Only occasionally has American cinema ever reached their levels (maybe a few notable American independent films [sorry to sound like a fucking snob, but oh well--kiss my white, conservative, Brentwood ass!]).

Posted by: Robert Light at March 24, 2003 02:41 PM


I enjoy foreign film as much as the next pretentious New England WASP snob, but let's never forget that the foreign films we are exposed to in the States are only the cream of the crop and even then they stink at least 25% of the time. And It says volumes about the state of their not-the-cream that almost every American film goes overseas to turn a profit. Christ, "Super Mario Brothers" was in the theatres in Prague longer than it was in the States. Is Europe's best better than our best? Maybe, but is their average film better? No way.

And the idea that Bruce Willis doesn't take himself too seriously is just stupid, if you'll excuse me: The man called the Bush to volunteer for the war for God's sake.


Posted by: Scott at March 24, 2003 05:38 PM

Hi Scott -- Thanks for the pointers on European films. Mind you, however, Europeans don't turn out nearly the volume of production on a per-anum basis. So still, the ratio of quality film to cheesy-flicks is far greater there than here, I'd argue.

Also, about your Willis remarks -- thanks for the ad hominem, dude. 'Preciate it. NO -- I don't think Willis is taking himself seriously as an "artiste." That was my original point. Now, he perhaps takes himself too seriously as a patriot. But being willing to put down your life for the sake of the country is -- yes in the case of being a wealthy actor -- perhaps *foolhardy*. But it at least has something of heroism about it. Whatever you may call it, it certainly isn't narcissistic, as all the other dolts in Hollywierd could never sacrifice themselves for a cause greater than themselves.

Posted by: Robert Light at March 24, 2003 06:01 PM
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