inist, a member of ANSWER, or an America-hater). She enjoys watching Bill O'Reilly, reads the business section first, and would have voted for Richard Riordan if given the chance (of course, all such things can be seen as "disgraceful," maybe, but pretty soon you start disqualifying every human from the possibility of grace).

There have been outrageous kooks at every one of the scores of street protests I've ever covered, left, right, or whatever. The Republic somehow survives. I think it was Teenage Fanclub that said "Never look for answers in a song"; I would amend that to "never look for answers in a protest." I've probably written more than most about the incoherent pathologies of the Protest Left, but the project doesn't excite me much right now. Maybe that will change in a week (or maybe I'll decide to detail the incoherent pathologies of the Protest *Right*, which has spewed some pretty noxious shit recently) ... but I'm more interested at the moment in war & policy than demonstrations and denunciations thereof.

Posted by: Matt Welch at March 23, 2003 02:59 PM

Hi Matt -- thanks for your thoughtful reply. And I certainly take many of your points. One of these people is also a close friend of mine (a fraternity brother from college about whom mention was made in my off-blog email to you). He attended rallies in NYC last week and lives right off Veteran Blvd next to the V.A. and has apprised me of goings on there which he's involved himself in. So no, I'm not saying that they're a "disgrace" as such, nor at all in any categorical sense. (Quite the contrary; I still very much love said friend like a brother; and his girlfriend who shares his new-found pusillanimous outlook is quite dear as well). So my statement was rather shot from the hip. What I mean is that the ideas over which they preside are usually completely non-thought through and are premised on sources which I find to be unwittingly (or wittingly) nihilistic.

Posted by: Robert Light at March 23, 2003 04:39 PM

Waht the hell is that?

Posted by: Jay Currie at March 25, 2003 12:41 AM
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