pick-up, though I usually do pay close attention to such a thing. But it was up only a few minutes after all the newtworks went live on the air, and that was, unless I was completely hallucinating, a good twenty minutes before CNN had anything, as I said, on their main page (and also nothing on their "tracker" page, though I can modify that "nothing" in that they did have a "crawl" with about six or eight words, or maybe less; something like "air attack reported in Iraq," which is not terribly informative or substanoticed for sure. But I'm pretty darn sure about the sequence; I recall looking first at the CNN page, finding nothing, and then checking the ABC page, within minutes of the networks going live.

Speaking of ABC, I also admire that, this evening, while NBC is doing reruns of "Friends" and CBS is doing whatever the heck they do for drayma or comedy, ABC is the only major network doing All Network News. (Fox is also apparently all news, but they're practically a sponsor of the war, aren't they? So that's hardly surprising.) (For the record, UPN and WB are also doing entertainment.)

(I just blogged a piece at my own place on how weird it is to watch Ted Koppell live with the Third Infantry as Abrams and Bradleys unendingly grind by; the first live war; the 21st century is, and will continue to be, stranger than we imagined.)

Posted by: Gary Farber at March 20, 2003 07:55 PM

On my site I've added an update that includes what you had to say about ABC. Thanks for the info. When I did these roundups before -- after Sept. 11 and when Columbia broke up -- ABC relied heavily on wire reports so I guess it was easy for me to mentally shuffle them to the side last night. ... There's really a lot of apples and oranges involved in any comparison like this, but despite that I think it's worth trying to track in some way. It's encouraging that even in this economy as tech and newsroom funds dry up, many big news companies are finally figuring out ways to handle breaking news online better. ... And hey Matt, thanks for the link!

Posted by: Amy Langfield at March 20, 2003 08:45 PM
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