12, 2003

Mom Fact-Checks My Ass!: (I...

Mom Fact-Checks My Ass!: (It's a saying we have here, ma.) My darling mother left her first comment ever on my blog today! In the comments of my "Pianist" post there had been some debate over the pronunciation of the word, and I had written:

Growing up in a household with a classical PEEanist seven years my elder meant that I knew the musical term long before I had any reason to snicker.
Which brought this maternal observation:
Finally found some authentic contribution to make--actually your sister's most prestigious piano teachers all said piANist and I learned very quickly not to buck the trend. Ah, the memory is a treacherous beast.
Doh! Now, the rest of you play nice and leave comments about what a nice job she did raising me....Or at least encourage her to start her own blog, which would be killer. UPDATE: And now Aunt Sue has left a comment here!

Posted by at March 12, 2003 11:08 PM

A classy mom whose regularly blogged voice would help harmonize the rabid blogosphere...

Posted by: JB at March 12, 2003 11:38 PM

She could also tell you a thing or two about:

* Civil War history, especially regarding the German 1848ers, like her great-grandpa, who fought for the North.

* Hospital management, especially nursing divisions.

* Modelling skill and daring.

* The best and worst of historical American fiction.

* Much, much more.

Posted by: Matt Welch at March 12, 2003 11:54 PM

Off topic, but thought you'd find interesting: Georgetown student doing a thesis on blogging is seeking input: http://www.christineregina.com/thesis/a3b1.htm

Posted by: Me at March 13, 2003 10:33 AM
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