the Janeane Garofalo Party Line. You argument is a moving target with the implicit message being you are right about everything but you are right about something.

Posted by: micah holmquist at March 12, 2003 09:42 PM


My reason for wanting to lift the sanctions is that whatever the exact effect is, they certainly aren't helping Iraqis in areas that Saddam controls. I believe that escalating the current war with Iraq is not a good idea but continuing the status quo is probably at least as bad. What will happen exactly if sanctions are lifted is not known.

Posted by: micah holmquist at March 12, 2003 09:44 PM

Micah: I didn't respond to the hollywood comment, because I felt like the main thrust of my point slipped right past you.

FWIW: I've posted a response on my own site, in the comments of this thread, to the charges of my being insulting, not dealing with specific points, brushing over certain points of the debate, and generally not engaging in substansive debate.

Posted by: Howard Owens at March 13, 2003 04:05 PM


What I believe you are saying is that you didn't tell me, "you seem to believe whatever leftist crap some Hollywood star feeds you" so much as throw that out as something you could say about me. The problem with this is you openly admitted that human rights in Iraq were only a matter of greater importance than human rights in any other country because Bush has made Iraq the issue. Perhaps I was “nasty” in pointing out the problem with the logic behind this, but I was accurate in how people such as you have gone along with an administration that never has to explain what passes for “logic” in public discourse. In contrast, you responded with what I guess is a hypothetical insult that you did not now to be accurate in my case, and in fact isn’t. There is no comparison.

Posted by: micah holmquist at March 14, 2003 02:59 PM
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