n dollars publishing online. I blog and burn zero. In fact, I've made a profit. Not a big profit. But more than negative-81 million.

Mr. Kapica trusts Salon. I trust me.

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at March 6, 2003 01:47 AM

SOCIAL CONTRACT? With Salon? Are you nuts? This is freedom. Survival of the fittest in business, arts, sports, and women.....

I've heard stupid stuff before, but this guy thinks the government should give Salon money because nobody will read it. That will teach us.

Posted by: Howard Veit at March 6, 2003 02:53 AM

When I was U of Toronto in the mid-80s, a college paper invited Kapica (then the editor of the Globe's book review) to talk about book reviewing.

But instead of book reviewing he mostly talked about all the famous people who he knows. "Famous" in the Canadian context means Marshall McLuhan and Margaret Atwood.

Posted by: Charles at March 6, 2003 03:49 AM

Dunno what it is with these Canadian papers being swept up by Salon's survival rally." for ... good for what exactly?

Posted by: marc weisblott at March 6, 2003 07:45 AM

At the end he even admits he doesn't read Salon. What the hell?

Posted by: Jim Treacher at March 6, 2003 08:39 AM

So, my gossiping with a girl friend takes money away from the NY POst's Page 6? If I put that gossip online, my blog robs Salon? I don't think so.....
Salon wasted money, published boring, predictable writes, and generally dug its own grave.

Posted by: Kate Coe at March 7, 2003 10:50 AM
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