March 04, 2003

Renegade Teenage Web Journa...

Renegade Teenage Web Journalist Runs for School Board: Sergio Bichao, "New Jersey's Teen Matt Drudge," as I called him in this March 2001 profile, has decided to bum-rush the school district he's been raking over the coals since his sophomore year in high school. His explanation somehow echoes both Hunter Thompson and Vaclav Havel:

My long-standing crusade for truth and information, as chronicled on this website, has given me much insight into the inner workings of the school board, not to mention a greater understanding of how this government body makes and implements policy.

Secondly, (and just as importantly as the first, although some may argue more), if I don't do it, just who will? This has been the mantra under which I have done all my civic and activist work. I do the dirty work no one else does. Very few have had the courage, the initiative, and the resolve as I have had to question Hillside's elected officials and expose the sordid underbelly of this town's politics. [...]

I would like to stress that I am not doing this for the "experience of it" or just to "dabble in something new"; I am serious about my candidacy and I am prepared to take on the challenge of helping to oversee a school district.

He's got a slate of candidates, a platform, and (of course) a website. You go, Sergio!

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