March 04, 2003! My love...! My lovely French wife has organized another strike of 50 stringers for Radio France International, beginning today. The complaint? Laughably low rates (unaffected by the per-story raise given a few years back ... because it was never implemented!), "Kafaesque" expense-reimbursement procedures, a lack of special care given to people who work in difficult circumstances (Cuba, Colombia, etc.), inability of Paris editors to use fancy technology like e-mail, etc. The grand irony in this, for those of you who know Emmanuelle, is that she is one of les grenouilles most critical of France's "sick" working culture of non-stop theatrical labor strife. So why strike? Because it's the only currency those mothers respect. Everyone, including management, knows stringers are treated like crap -- in no small part due to the absurd 35-hour work week, which draws an even thicker line between the Full-time and the Not -- but management will do little or nothing in a calm negotiation, unless it's backed by a strike. (I wrote about all this last time she led a walk-out, way before cheap Frog-bashing became hip with the kis.)

Here's a fun fact: Did you know France was the last Western European country to legalize trade unions?

Anyway, what I'm really excited about is the snazzy website Emmanuelle designed, complete (of course!) with a blog.

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