February 25, 2002

Andrew Sullivan, Bullish on Blogging:

Andrew Sullivan, Bullish on Blogging: Interesting column for the Sunday Times of London. Much to my delight, Ken Layne and I are described as "previous unknowns." Of note is the fact that AndrewSullivan.com brought in $27,000 last year, and recently took 15% commission on 1,000 book-club books. Many good points about What It Means For Journalism, etc. The Ted Barlow/Matthew Yglesias/Jeff Jarvis wing of Blog-Land will certainly note the crack about liberal media vs. libertarian/right bloggers. I might put it differently – "liberals" behave and think much differently than their stereotype would suggest. There are plenty of liberal bloggers, thank you very much. We just sound libertarian or conservative, because we support the war & have been repudiating the nonsense to our left. If we can wrestle the L-word away from the Naderites, it will lose all its power as an insult. Or so one can hope....

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