California Stars: Ken Layne...

California Stars: Ken Layne posts a nice mini-essay provoked by Brian Doherty's Grateful Dead piece; then, with California juices flowing through his icy Reno veins, points us to, which runs a fine new weblog.

For similar reasons, please check out, the interesting weblog for the brand-new West magazine, which is attempting to chronicle "the unfolding story of the American frontier." Sign me up! In other local-publishing news, the LA Examiner mentions a Patt Morrison item about a new putative successor to George magazine that is scheduled to be launched here in L.A. this fall. They're calling it Common Good for now.

Even more locally, you can find, a site that "discusses red light camera defects that are not widely known and that may invalidate a large number of tickets in Culver City, West Hollywood, and other California cities." Also, a local version of was scheduled to launch today, though I don't remember getting an invite to the party. (Hey Nick! When do we get our very own Gawker?)

And, have you visited TabloidBaby yet? Did you know that that free entertainment magazine you see lying around 40 universities, Campus Circle, was launched by a USC student 13 years ago? Finally, give it up for local journalist Todd Everett, whose resume just isn't complete without a picture of Mr. T, and whose pictures are truly worth more than a thousand words.

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