wn affairs?

And why do people feel they have the right to be compassionate with other people's money? I prefer to have the freedom to manage my own destiny, succeed or fail.

Posted by: brandon adamson at February 18, 2003 09:39 PM

If you want to look at model for reform, your favorite country(or Grey's fravorite) may provide an alternative. Singapore's system may not be ideal but there are ways make it palpable.

Posted by: Bob at February 19, 2003 12:56 AM

So Matt, how many PhD's can you afford to employ? Probably not many, and neither can most people. Which means that health care is a limited resource, and limited resources are what economics is all about. I know that sick people are much more interested in their own situation than in economic realities, but that doesn't make the realities go away.

How to make it easier for Joe Bagodonuts to employ PhD's? Well, first we can employ RN's instead. Most people can employ an RN for a while, and if you don't mind a higher chance of misdiagnosis, this could be a winner. The Law Industry would love it too.

Joe could sock away money for a future illness. Yeah, right. Like that'll ever happen.

We could give Joe, and his 300M countrymen, subsidized access to PhD's, paid for by taking money away from Joe the the 300M. That way they'll think they're getting cheap healthcare, when what they're really getting is a mandatory, government-owned health insurance plan. And since this doesn't actually solve the scarcity problem, it will be up to the government to ration the PhD's in whatever manner it deems proper. Red tape and delay are popular government methods for rationing things.

My primary solution - give RN's authority to prescribe drugs, and save the PhD's for critical illnesses. I wonder what the AMA thinks of that idea?

My secondary solution - teach people that they can expect to be born, pay taxes, work, get sick and die. Like Jim said, "Nobody gets out of here alive." And, like I said, "Why does it cost so much to die nowadays? It used to be free."

Posted by: dave culp at February 20, 2003 07:58 PM
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