iego Union-Tribune revealing "the truth" about journalist and author Neal Pollack - according to the UT's magazine columnist, Pollack doesn't exist. Pollack is actually Dave Eggers.

For Pollack and Eggers, who both seem to enjoy media pranks, this must be some sort of Dadaist dream come true. A truly terrible paper - and a paper San Diego truly deserves - solves the great non-mystery of the Pollack-Eggers publishing partnership by deciding only one of them is a person. This solution was based on ... well, nothing at all, but Magazine Scene columnist James Hebert could not be swayed from his clever discovery, which was bolstered by his claim to have been aware of Eggers' magazine work for five entire years.

I guess he could have picked up the telephone and called Pollack. Or he could have attended one of Pollack's many joint appearances with Eggers and asked to see photo IDs from both writers.

This would be funny, except it's not, because this columnist will probably not be fired, and the NYT magazine writer will probably continue to write slop without checking basic facts, and Jeff Gerth will probably continue to milk non-stories for many years, and several fools will go to their grave convinced that reportorial lies are not a "big deal."

[end excerpt]

As usual, it's better with the links and all:

I finished this column and went to Mexico for a month (to write "Dot Con," in fact). I returned to all sorts of outrage. Some of my old pals in San Diego were especially furious. Seems this guy Hebert was an SDSU Daily Aztec guy, and it seems I actually knew him. (1985-1991 is a little hazy.) Whoops!

I guess he finally got his revenge, three years later ... by writing a blog story in 2003. I wonder if Pollack remembers it's by the same guy who claimed Pollack didn't exist?

Posted by: Ken Layne at February 4, 2003 03:20 PM

Someone's gunning for Andy Rooney's spot on 60 Minutes. Andy's not looking too hot these days, and Pollack could be the Dark Horse contender for the coveted 3 minute spot right before the credits. I'm thinking this could be as husge as the Leno Putsch.

Posted by: Paul at February 7, 2003 12:44 AM
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