stomach! Wild! As fate would have it, Dohrn was talking about Charles Manson and his flock of dull-eyed butchers, whose list of victims included Roman Polanski's very pregnant wife Sharon Tate. Dohrn liked the whole "stick a fork in it" imagery so much that, according to some accounts, she even gave a three-fingered "fork salute" to the assembled Council.

She and Ayers, besides being subject of documentaries, are now both tenured professors in Illinois, and staunch opponents of "zero tolerance" sentencing policies.

Posted by at February 2, 2003 04:26 PM

They are not speaking of Sharon Tate, that was the Leno LaBianca murder.

Posted by: Tom Delchamps at February 2, 2003 04:39 PM

Thanks for the correction! I'll change the wording.

Posted by: Matt Welch at February 2, 2003 04:59 PM

While Dohrn teaches at NU, Ayers is a professor at the University of Illinois - Chicago. This may seem like nitpicking, but I'm an NU alum and it's bad enough we're stuck with one of them!

Posted by: John Chambers at February 2, 2003 09:29 PM

Yikes! Correction number two! I should stop posting when completely frazzled....

Posted by: Matt Welch at February 2, 2003 10:27 PM

I'm sure they need to be gainfully employed like everyone else. What's sad is that all those nerdy academic "radical leftists" get to feel like they're sharing politics with the unbelievably chic quality of genuine left-wing radicalism, something they scrupulously avoid (except verbally once in a while). It must be thrilling for them. Society should give quasi-leftist academics a thrill every so often; it would be crule not to.

Posted by: gregor at February 3, 2003 03:45 AM
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