agmatist, problem-solving record, and show how that would work in Sacramento ... but Davis controlled the debate from the outset, making sure that the election would be a bunch of blather about abortion. Republicans sunk to the challenge, and will get what they deserve.

But let's not forget to blame all the Golden State's frothing liberals – there was no compelling reason to vote in the Democratic primary this year, and getting a Republican ballot was no more difficult than convincing an election official that they screwed up your party affiliation (that's what Layne did). Real liberals should hate Gray Davis, unless the only thing they care about is having someone who won't make any negative comments about abortion on the campaign trail. Davis shows contempt for democracy every day he brushes his oyster-teeth. His attack dog, Gary South, is the most despicable man I have ever observed in the public arena. They will do absolutely everything within their considerable power to win elections, even if that means wasting millions of taxpayer dollars and laughing about it. They have been on a nonstop fundraising binge since 1998, and now we understand why. Yeah, Riordan's a weirdo, but he's a guy who believes in balanced budgets, taking on public sector unions, tackling entrenched problems (like the L.A. Unified School District), making the pro-business/anti-regulation argument every single day, beefing up the police force, cleaning & expanding park space, telling craven identity politicians to get stuffed, and being nice to our Latino neighbors.

One last thought about abortion – though the numbers don't necessarily support it, I think George Bush's "don't-ask-me-about-that!" campaign approach toward abortion is one of the main reasons why he's president. Conservatives fumed, but they wanted to regain power, so they held their noses. To the extent that Dubya got the soccer-mom swing voters (which truthfully wasn't a large extent), I think that's attributable to he not allowing himself to be seen as an anti-abortion obsessive. Want to try a little experiment at home? Imagine our two-party system & politics, as you currently conceive of it ... and now remove all references to Roe v. Wade. Would be interesting, no? Might have to start discussing policy, or governing philosophy, or something.

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