March 06, 2002

Wanna Bet, Rand? South Bay

Wanna Bet, Rand? South Bay spacenik Rand Simberg, who seems genetically predisposed against Richard Riordan, thinks that Gray Davis fell into a trap by picking the wrong Republican to run against. Dream on, space boy! Then again, I've been wrong about every important election in recent memory, (with the notable exception of predicting, in a November 2000 pilot for the Australian Broadcast Corporation, that Bush would lose the popular vote but win the election). I agree, however, with Simberg's comment that

"Astute politicians" don't spit in the face of the core constituency of their party, as Riordan did. McCain made the same mistake.
The moderate liberal media, which just l-o-o-o-ves right-wing Sistah Souljah moments, tends to underplay the strategic idiocy of running against your own party during a primary campaign. Then again, knuckle-dragging ideologues (which Simberg, decidedly, is not) tend to underplay how much of their fringe fanatacism is morally deserving of a bitch-slap every day of the week.

If I were still writing for WorkingForChange, I'd rifle off "So Much for the Media Oligopoly, Part II." Riordan, like Villaraigosa, was the media's clear choice in this election, and got spanked.

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