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Merci à tous ceux qui ont envoyé e-mails, photos, SMS, sons etc. On s'est éclatés sur le moblog d'Autrans et à Bill pour avoir mis sur pied en temps record cette page de blogue nomade!

Thanks to everybody who sent emails, SMS, photos and sounds to the moblog we unveiled at the Autrans conference and special thanks to Bill for setting up this moblog so quickly and efficiently. We had a blast expanding our blogging horizon!

Posted by: Emmanuelle at January 10, 2003 08:59 AM

Hi matt,

On s'est vraiment marrés ;-) Emmanuelle rédigerais-tu un petit billet sur la tenue vestimentaire des participants.

How habout mixbeat integrating this kind of "social software" (moblog) to pour the content : "Faits et Gestes de Gens Connus ?".

Mixbeat is THE french festive weblog and could be found on ;-)

It was a pleasure to meet you Matt. Thanks for all. x

Posted by: christophe at January 10, 2003 10:58 PM

hi to you Emmanuelle and Matt,

i just came back from Autrans.

thanks for the wonderful job for the "atelier"... this was fun and very informative for all of us here... Matt had convinced me to start a Blog about my hobby "Westcoast Music"... i will give you the URL soon.

Christophe was GREAT and passionate (beers and fun crazy guy !).

Thanks for the wonderful moments with " the French multimedia animateurs".

Last night, we have got to dinner with a "mechoui" at the Youth Hostel... and the French Minister came here for the dessert...

Great fun the "animateurs" dance with sounds on their Apple Ibook with Ipod (mp3 readers) connected.

This saturday morning, I made my ricore Antenna ;-) with Dominique Gany.

I discover U great friends.

Thanks for everything...

Papy Frog joined me to say hi!

The Best,


Posted by: Jean-Luc at January 11, 2003 11:00 AM
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