January 10, 2003

Here is the Moblog Address:...

Here is the Moblog Address: This is the nut-graf Manu can't quite post yet:

At 4 p.m. French time (10 a.m. EST,) we'll test a European Moblog: a blog anyone can update and enrich from a mobile phone, by sending emails, SMS or MMS. You can try to post messages (post-at-moblog.biz), photos, SMS (to + 46 701 809 599) and see the moblog at Moblog.biz.
Go crazy, kids!

Posted by at January 10, 2003 03:49 AM

For some reason, the moblog is empty now but it should be back up soon. William has already sent pictures, emails and SMS from his cell phone from the Paris Metro and from a bistro. I explain the whole thing in a long post that doesn't want to appear on my site through MT. Vive la technologie, en 2003!

Posted by: Emmanuelle at January 10, 2003 04:11 AM
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