January 10, 2003

Testing: We're experiencing...

Testing: We're experiencing some technical difficulties here in Autrans, and I'm making sure our ability to post isn't being thwarted by the Golem (or Gollum, who Emmanuelle desperately wants a T-shirt of, for reasons best left unexplored). For the record, the 5-course meal last night ranks among the 20 best dining experiences I can remember -- hot peppered legume soup, lasagna bathed in bechamel, nine kinds of cheese, a dessert cup of yogurt and various nature-berries.... and this was served up en masse at a youth hostel..... Make sure to tune in at 9 or 10 EST for the live mo-blog, which you can even participate in (Jarvis!) by sending cell-phone photos and goodwill messages.... If Emmanuelle can update her site, look for details there; otherwise click on the links in the previous post.

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