December 15, 2002

Merry Christmas & All That!...

Merry Christmas & All That!: I'm off, then. Might post a thing or two from your favorite Continent; might not. Don't bother trying to break into my luxurious Los Feliz one-bedroom -- it will be occupied by a cell of known (or at least suspected) libertarians; and in the cruelly prescient lyrics of Jeff Whalen, "a libertarian never says good-bye." I'll reiterate my hopeless plea from before -- don't send e-mail until Jan. 13! I ain't a-gonna read it anyway, unless you're one of my editors, and it will cost me money to download. If there is anything in particular you'd like me to pay attention to in France, please leave a (tasteful) suggestion in the comments box. See you in 2003!

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